How Fast Food Chains Support the Government

Faye Gil
Faye Gil

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The government has received backlash on its decision to let fast food chains to influence healthy eating policies. Fast food companies have spent billions on their advertisements. Some of these advertisements were focused on people of color and children.

This saw the rate of people with obesity grow drastically over the past decade. Companies like MC Donald’s denied the fact that their advertisements were directed to children.

The government has been at the forefront in advocating for healthy foods. At some point the government has to take a stand. One would wonder why the government will invest over $200 million on fast food and
soft drink companies.

How much revenue do fast food and soft drink companies earn every year? The answer is millions. Public health should be the government’s priority. The health risks that processed foods pose to society are vast.
Consumers of fast foods are at high risk of suffering from Diabetes and Obesity.

Companies like:

  • Unilever
  • Tesco
  • KFC
  • Donald’s
  • Pepsico

…Have been selected by the government to formulate public health policies. This came as a shock to everyone. For a healthier lifestyle for the public, this poor decision should never be imposed.

Obesity rates in the US and UK

The number of obese Africa Americans has increased since 1990. Advertisements in that period focused on children and the African American communities. University professors likeAlanMaryon-Davis are also devastated by the move by the government.

Even though the government claims that the move was to ensure that agreements are done on a voluntary basis we still hope that there will be regulations that will make it easier for the public to choose healthier choices.

In the US there are more obese people than overweight adults. 32 percent of men are obese. 35 percent of women are obese a number that has since increased despite the efforts of individuals to start eating healthy. 40 percent of men in the UK are obese. 33 percent of women in England are also living with obesity. These are the effects that fast food chains have had on the public. People who have do not have MC Donald’s in their neighborhood know about MC Donald’s. The effects that companies have had in our lifestyle are tremendous.

The industry has grown widely. Chinese fast foods have become a household name in the US. Chinese restaurants are on speed dial for deliveries. All you have to do is type 40. Chinese fast food restaurants near me’ you get so many options. Chinese fast food restaurants are everywhere and with the government supporting this industry it will keep growing until we have no control whatsoever. Some of these companies have denied ever targeting children in their adverts while some have since ignored the subject. The question that we all have to ponder about is: What example are we setting to the next generation? The public health should be the governments concern and not making deals with franchises like this.

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