Mayor and City Council

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Mayor and City Council

The Mayor and City Council are elected by the citizens of Fayetteville and serve as the governing authority of the City. They exercise their powers in such manner as prescribed by this Charter, the Constitution and applicable general laws of the State of Georgia and as prescribed by the duly established ordinances of the City of Fayetteville. You may contact the City Clerk at 770-461-6029 for more information.

Mission Statement
The City of Fayetteville’s mission is to ensure a superior quality of life for its citizens by providing the most cost effective municipal services while preserving the cultural, historical and natural resources of the City.

Facts and Figures
Fayetteville was incorporated on December 20, 1823
Fayetteville has been designated as Georgia’s 37th Main Street City
Fayetteville’s 2007 estimated population is 15,500

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