Small Ways To Make An Eco-Friendly Community

Faye Gil
Faye Gil

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Hi, do you feel bored leaving in this modern synthetic life? You need a society which must be eco-friendly. And it’s not too tough to revert the old humdrum ways of life, which is totally balanced with eco-system. It will save you both physically & economically. For this, combined effort of all the dwellers of society is needed. Here we are revealing some easy ways to make our community eco-friendly.

  1. Go green

You should make a vegetable garden. Where you can produce organic veggies without the support of chemical fertilizers and insecticides. It will take care of your health & wallet!

  1. Use bin

Bin is environment saver. If you use a bin with lid and keep all your waste in it, you can contribute to keeping the environment eco-friendly.

  1. Use energy saving bulb

A compact fluorescent light is eco-friendly. If you replace your normal light with CFL light, you can cut on your electricity bill as well as you can contribute to saving the ecological balance.

  1. Plant more trees

The plant is the first life on this planet. Plants play a vital role to keep our environment at its best, coz plant release oxygen which is a must for our existence. So we should plant more and more trees.

  1. Check water waste

You should be economical to use water. Use less water for shower and also for washing utensils. Replace your old leaky toilet tap with a new one to save water waste.

  1. Collective effort

Eco-system is a complex web, One alone can not make any difference unless everybody participates spontaneously. We have to make people aware of it so that they come forward to achieve our objective.

  1. Avoid plastic bags

Plastic bags are a tremendous threat to environmental health. Because they never decompose. They pollute the soil and decrease fertility. It also blockage the sewerage system. Which hampers the ecological balance. It is wise to use gunny bags or canvas bags to keep our environment free from pollution.

  1. Use solar energy

Solar energy is 100% eco-friendly. We have to use fossil fuel to run powerhouse to produce electricity. Burning fossil fuel emits carbon die oxide pollutes the air we inhale. But we save both money and environment by using solar panels. Though its initial cost comparison is a little bit high, it will cut your electricity bill in the long run.

  1. Keep your home clean

The process of environment preservation starts right from your home. So you have to keep your household articles & surrounding neat and clean. It will inspire others of the community to follow you.

  1. Recycle

You should choose those products which can be recycled and reused. If you practice this habit you can save the environment from being polluted and also contribute to establishing an eco-friendly community. The community can also recycle sports equipment to lessen the waste. For example, broken table tennis can be recycled and into other useful things because it’s easy to find new ones at

In conclusion, the effects of ecological imbalance is a buzzword worldwide. The whole world declares war against this culprit. If we start this war from our own community it will spread automatically in the country as well as will spread worldwide through social media. Let’s establish an eco-friendly community for our next generation.

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